March on Rome - Strada Partisan / Partisan Highway
  • Strada Partisan / Partisan Highway - Friday Battle & Map


      Allied troops of VI Corps, commanded by Maj. Gen. Lucian K. Truscott, Jr., have begun their offensive from the Anzio beachhead towards Rome on Highway 6. Field Marshal Alexander's VI Corps are moving from the South also toward Rome. The aim is to trap and destroy German resistance south of Rome.

      G2 reports that Highway 6 is defended by several German company size units of regular army and airborne. There are also units of SS engaged in partisan clearing operations. No uncoded radio traffic has been intercepted from this location, so they may be using telephone or runners to coordinate defensive activity on Highway 6. Minimal trace of supporting troops has been observed. No armour or vehicles have been observed. Small units of Heer, SS and Fallschirmjager has been observed travelling on the highway at night or heavily camoflaged during the day. Since the fall of Cassino G2 assesses the Axis troops to have poor command organisation, tired and ill supplied troops. Expect little resistance.

      There have been reports of mine laying operations at points on the road.

    • MISSION:

      Secure and clear Highway 6 to Rome, 5 KM North of the village of Frosinone. Neutralize enemy artillery spotters to enable unmolested traffic on Highway 6.


      Small bands of Italian partisans and deserters from the Italian Army are operating in the area as guerrillas. Use caution as the loyalty of some may not be assured.


      Maps of the operational area are attached.

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