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The Cassino-Anzio Campaign - Highway 6 to Roma
MoR VI will be July 23th - 26th 2015
Welcome new sponsors New Mexico National Guard and Bataan Memorial Museum
A great video from the public battle at MoR III.

Registration is open, $35 early registration. Web registration closes July 17.

Fort Stanton, New Mexico

Important Disclaimer! Reenacting is a potentially hazardous hobby. Participation requires crossing rough terrain, in
all types of weather, which requires good physical fitness and excludes people with health problems. Participants will
be using and in close proximity to; blank firing firearms, simulated explosives, and large vehicles that are potentially
dangerous. Unsafe or negligent behaviour will result your in ejection from the event.

This is a non-political event dealing with the history, equipment, life and campaigns of World War II soldiers
and World War II reenacting. This website is contains historical information as well as reenacting and living history
information. This information includes reenactment photos, historical information covering operations, equipment and
photos of World War II. The information is catalogued and presented to preserve a clear eyed view of WW II history.
We do not tolerate or condone any form of racism, radical or extremist activities, or persons with supremacist, fascist
or racist political motives or beliefs. We do not tolerate, support, or condone any activities of any fascist, Nazi or
neo-Nazi party organizations, any extremist, anti-immigrant or anti-semetic organizations.

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